In a move that brings together two of Brazil’s most renowned audio-visual systems integrators, Eletro Equip and Solutione decide to merge their operations to form the largest and most capable company focused on the corporate AV market.

Eletro Equip, founded in 1971, and Solutione, founded in 1999, both based in São Paulo, join forces to accelerate their growth and capacity to meet the most demanding customers.

“We have common ideals and principles that will be potentiated in the new organization”, says Odair Tremante, CEO of Solutione and responsible for the Commercial Management of the new operation.

“The two companies have complementary competencies that combined result in an organization prepared for major challenges”, adds Claudio Younis, CEO of Eletro Equip and responsible for the new organization’s Executive Board.

Ricardo Durão, founder and CTO of Solutione, says: “Know-how and quality control allow the new company to deliver large projects meeting international standards, comparable to the highest on the global market”.

Luciana Cicolo, Eletro Equip’s CFO and responsible for the administration, finances and people of the new organization points out: “Our business is based on people, so we believe in learning and continuous development. The new company is born at a time when companies are looking for more innovation and collaboration solutions that improve their processes. Understanding the customer and developing customized solutions for each situation is our main differential”.

The new company brings 65 years of experience serving over 70% of Forbe’s top 100 global companies in the local market.